New Tool to Quickly Conquer Your Anxiety

New Tool to Quickly Conquer Your Anxiety

I’m going to share a new tool that will help you conquer your anxiety. Anxiety seems to be running rampant right now and I want to help stop it from ruining your life or friends and family members. I keep hearing that a lot of children are becoming anxious out of the blue. But it isn’t out of the blue. They are sensitives picking it up from all around them and they don’t know what to do.


Rule your mind, or it will rule you  ~Horace


I read Mel Robbins book, 5 Second Rule, this week and I got to use tool last night. I woke up in the middle of the night with an anxiety attack and when I remembered it, I applied it and it worked beautifully and fast. I’ve taught multiple tools for anxiety and I think this one is a simple, quick and powerful one.  If you want to know the science behind it, Mel Robbins shares a lot of it in her book. I’ll share some in the video below.


What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a state of arousal. Your heart pounds, you feel some sort of doom or panic, your breathing becomes faster and shallower, cortisol levels surge so you become hyper aware, shaking or sweaty palms and pits, and you fear losing control. These bodily feelings trigger your reptilian brain to search for the danger. Until you find the danger you will feel anxious…and the longer you don’t know the danger the higher the level of fear and the feeling that you must exit where you are. You must get out of danger.

If you give yourself a “reason” that you are feeling anxious or fear then your body and mind will stop freaking out.

What is excitement?

Excitement is arousal with the same physiological results as anxiety yet with anticipation instead of dread or panic.
The only thing making them different is your labeling of them. Picture a razor blade and imagine that excitement is on one side and fear is on the other.
They are both the razor, it just depends on what side you’re focused on.

5 Second Rule – Tool for Anxiety

  1. As soon as you start to feel fear or anxiety creep in say,”5, 4, 3, 2, 1″
    This gets you out of the fight or flight part of your brain looking for danger and puts in your front cortex brain, ready for action and in the present moment.
  2. Then you REFRAME your anxiety and fear to being excited. Say, “I’m excited______”. You’ve now given your brain a reason for your bodies reacti0n and it will no longer look for danger.
  3.  Move physically and take any action needed before your brain can stop you.

A reminder, if this anxiety tool doesn’t work periodically and you’re an empath or sensitive, realize you may have picked up other people’s  energy (anxiety and fears) and taken it on as your own.  You can do an energy clearing and give them back their energy.


Note: Please excuse the mistake I made calling Mel Robbins, Mel “Brooks” on the second sharing of the 5 Second Rule Book in this video.

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