Complimentary, 60 min. Discovery Session

Find freedom, guidance, structures, inspiration, know how,

and someone who can see and hear you

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A complimentary 60 minute Discovery Session which includes:

• Becoming clear on your goals both short term and long term
•Uncovering your biggest hidden blocks holding you back from feeling free
• Knowing  your next step to move forward
• Feeling more energized, empowered, free and confident

805 883-8598

2018 is the year of truth and time to focus on yourself and leave behind the lies and habits that aren’t really your truth.  As highly sensitives we tend to take care and nurture others more than ourselves.
HSP need lots of self care in order to thrive and have the capacity to create what they desire in the world.

Learn how you can thrive as a Highly Sensitive in an Insensitive world in your Discovery Session.

Transform the way you see yourself as a weak, shy and too sensitive HSP to becoming a SuperHero with SuperPowers that the world needs right now!

Call me NOW, to set up your free Discovery Session and make 2018 your most empowering and successful year yet!

Are you struggling with any of these topic below? If so let’s have a conversation and stop your struggles!

  • Giving to everyone else, but not enough to yourself

  • Low self-esteem and confidence

  • Overwhelm, overstimulation, anxiety 

  • Self-love and finding the right partner

  • Money issues and not having enough

  • Not feeling your feelings 

  • Life/Work Balance

  • Strong emotions and are easily affected by other people’s emotions

  • Feeling different, unseen and unheard, not valued

  • Knowing your passion and purpose

  • Going after and manifesting what you want

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