5 Powerful Steps to Kick Holiday Stress, Highly Sensitives

5 Powerful Steps to Kick Holiday Stress, Highly Sensitives

It’s that time of the year again when life can be overwhelming with too much for us HSPs. Unless we take good care of ourselves with strategic planning and conscious monitoring of our energy and emotions we will stress ourselves out and replay our past history with the holidays. Below I’m going to share 5 Powerful Steps for Highly Sensitives to Kick Holiday Stress and share tools to help you.

Here is what is causes highly sensitives holiday stress:

  • there is too much to do and too many places to be
  • not enough alone chill time
  • empathy: you’re feeling other people’s stress and anxiety as your own
  • family obligations and personalities feel like too much to deal with at once
  • travel challenges and phobias, too many people, overstimulation…
  • feeling out of control, disconnected or not safe around family or friends
  • overwhelmed by all the activities and noise around you-overarousal
  • uncertainty about all the changes happening in the world
  • self-care dropped and you have depleted your energy
  • money worries

Let’s boot holiday stress out of your life and fill you up with more joy, love and connection.



 Practice these 5 steps to kick stress this holiday season.


1. When other people do, say or react remember, It’s not about you!
When someone reacts, say to yourself, “It’s not about me!”
Don’t take things personally. You are not the center of their universe, they are.

How people react and feel is the result of the “meaning” they put on an event. It has to do with what they believe about themselves and the world. People’s reactions are their responsibility and are a result of their beliefs, habits and childhood conditionings.


2. Take responsible for your triggers, thoughts, emotions and actions.p Stop projecting your thoughts and feelings onto others.

No one can make you feel anything. Someone can tell you that you are ugly but, unless you believe it and feel it is true, you won’t let it bother you. It may feel like their words and actions are making you feel not good enough, perfect enough, embarrassed, broken, weak…etc, but it is your own beliefs that influences your  emotions.

Simply notice what your thoughts and feelings are and what you are believing about yourself, without beating up yourself. You’ll bring into your consciousness what has been running your life choices unconsciously.

Then ask yourself, “What do I need  for my well-being?” or “How can I love myself more right now.” Look at your choices and make one.





3. Take care of yourself energetically, mind, body and spirit.
We are made of energy and we are receiving and projecting energy all day long. As energy beings we are like radio towers tuning in on other people’s frequencies around us. We can pick up and own a lot of energetic information that is not ours. As HSPs you can pick up on other people’s feelings and moods and take them on as your own. So it is really important to become conscious about clearing your energy field (your body and the space around you) and not taking on other people’s emotions.

Here is an Audio that takes you through clearing your energy field and sets healthy boundaries


4. Plan what you WANT your holiday to be like.
Set your intention as to what you want each day and experience to be like.

Most people focus their attention on what they don’t want and end up having those terrible experiences become their reality.
Here a few examples:

  • There is too much to do vs I make time for the important things and let go of the rest, I have healthy boundaries
  • I hate the holidays vs I love spending time with the people I deeply care for and celebrating life with them in way that is authentic for me
  • Socializing terrifies me vs I plan for events that matter to me and with whom I will spend my valuable time with
  • Traveling overwhelms me vs I’ve learned how to travel so that I am comfortable, entertained and calm.
  • I’m drained vs I put myself first and then I have enough energy for others

So, What do you want your holiday to feel like?
grace, creativity, joy, creative, mellow, freedom, ease, flow, festive, celebration, grateful, mindful, loving, compassionate, abundant, happy, peaceful, divine, sacred,

Journal about it and start vividly day dreaming what you want this holiday to be like.

  • Who do you want to spend your time with? How does it make you feel? Why?
  • What is important to you during this time? How does it make you feel? Why?
    Traditions, connection, family, creativity, gift giving, celebration, spirituality, religion, caroling, socializing, cooking…
  • Where do you want to be? How does it make you feel? Why?
    Families home, host from your home, snow, tropical, spiritual retreat, community, caroling, kitchen, church
  • What will you have to change in yourself in order to make this happen? Why is it worth it?


banner5. Take action to create what you want.
Make your self care and desires a priority. 

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Visualize every morning and evening what you envisioned in Step 4. Feel the feelings and see yourself already doing, having and being what you dreamed up above. This 20 minute meditation will help you elevate your emotions and help you change your vibration in order to create something new in your life Elevate Your Energy Meditation

Let these emotions radiate out all around you throughout the day like you were a lighthouse of positive emotions.  Make decisions and plans from this energy.  Stay focused on your intention, taking one step at a time expanding your emotions as if you’ve already achieved it and you love your life.

An Energy Gift for You! 


Happy Holidays

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