3 Easy Energy Tools to Clean Overwhelming and Unwanted Energies

3 Easy Energy Tools to Clean Overwhelming and Unwanted Energies

I’m sharing 3 easy energy tools that will help you clean unwanted energy from other people, collective unconscious, electronics….and your own beliefs and  patterns you no longer want to hold onto.
I call the energy field around you and your physical body your MOBILE HOME (for a visual, see picture below showing chakras and light around the human body). For optimal health, clarity, intuition, freedom and healthy relationships it’s important to clean your mobile home of energy that depletes or obstructs your life force energy and flow at least once a day.



Mobile Home and Chakra Energy Centers

As spiritual being in a human body, we have to remember to care for our body and energy systems as much as our spirit. Remember that we are energetic Beings transmitting and magnetizing energies, as well as, picking up the energies around us without being conscious of it. As I explain in the video, if you are cluttered with other people’s energy it influences your ability to attract and communicate clearly what you want and leaves you feeling overwhelmed, confused and stuck. Learning to managing your energy will help you create healthy boundaries, manifest more quickly, and feel more empowered.

The daily energy tools I share are 1. cleaning and repairing your energy field, 2. Aligning and clearing your Chakras, 3. Mesh Screen Process

Please leave me any comments or questions below and share this if you found it valuable for yourself.



Illustration of Energy Interacting

Energy tools

Photo of a person’s  Aura

aura energy

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