3 Easy Steps To Remove Stress From Your Holiday

3 Easy Steps To Remove Stress From Your Holiday

The holidays bring up so much stress for us and a lot of it is preventable.

Below are 3 easy yet profound steps you will ensure lower stress levels and
make for a happier Holiday session!



First lets get clear on what some of the common stressors are:

  • Saying “YES” when you really want to say “NO”
  • Perfectionism; wanting everything to be perfect
  • Being social when you don’t want to be
  • Feeling unsafe/unloved/unsupported at family gatherings
  • Sacrificing your happiness to make others happy
  • Over-scheduling  
  • Lack of planning
  • Over drinking/eating/self-sabotage that makes you mad at yourself 

First step: Put your oxygen mask on you first and then help others.

If you don’t take care of yourself first by meeting your own needs of sleep, water, good nourishment, quiet time, physical time in nature, personal passions… you are operating on fumes rather than a full tank of energy and you won’t have the capacity to be fully engaged in holiday activities as brilliantly and happily as you could be. 

Your energy levels, mind, and inner foundation will be wobbly, foggy and this puts you in a state of survival instead of empowering you to create your experiences. 

Ask yourself: How can I take care of myself so I feel supported, my needs are met and I’m loving towards myself?

Write your answers down and DO them! You’ve got to follow up with the right actions that support your choices or you won’t create what you wanted.

Put reminders around the house if this doesn’t come easy for you. 

Also put self care activities on your calendar!!!!  YOU are the priority.

Second step:  Get clear what is important to you about this holiday and decide what you would like this time to feel like

A. Spend some time writing down your INTENTIONS FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

If you don’t plan to succeed you are planning to fail.

Answer the question below in your journal or on a piece of paper and then take it a step further and share your answers  with someone you trust to listen and not judge and ask them the same question. 

Important: Talk about what you DESIRE not about what you don’t want! 

1. What do you want your holiday to feel like mentally, physically, & spiritually?
Be specific… feel it in your body, what are the benefits of having what you desire for yourself and others? Imagine all the details…what do you smell, taste, feel, see, hear… What are you wearing?  Use all your senses and feel it!

I’d like you to keep playing this vision in your head over and over for 15 minute periods until you feel it to be true in your bones. Keep holding it even when chaos is happening around you.

B. Take your above answers and now decide what would have to happen for your vision to take place?


  • I will rest my body with 7-8 hours of sleep 
  • I will be active 2o+ minutes a day dancing or walking in nature
  • I will not get caught up in my families dramas, I’ll leave if it doesn’t feel good/safe for me. I’ll keep healthy boundaries reminding myself I have choices.
  • I will take 20mins. everyday to meditate and ground myself so I don’t get blown around reacting to everyone else in my day. 
  • I choose to be grateful and happy even if others aren’t
  • I will Tap to remove your stress and overwhelm  as soon as it comes up
    Stop Overwhelm and Stress

Step Three: Always remember you have choice and it is your responsibility to choose for yourself and not let someone else make your choices for you. Then you are living their life and not your own. That is giving your power away.

You have CHOICE always:

To say “No” when you mean NO

To say “Yes” when you mean YES

You can choose GRATITUDE, HAPPY, JOY, PEACE, LOVE, CALM,  TO FORGIVE AND GRACE, or you can choose to engage in chaos, drama, anger, resentment, jealousy, judgements… 

You can choose to go towards your intentions and desires or can choose to go unconscious and let your mind run wild. 

Your life’s direction and outcomes are up to you through the choices you make every moment!

What do you choose?

Feel free to share your answers because they will help others… Thank you!

Loving you,


You Deserve To Be Your Best

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