Highly Sensitive Interns Ida and Kaitlyn

My Vision:

I envision a world where highly sensitive people feel empowered and respected for their creativity, healing and leadership. When they are tuned into their own sense of well-being and own their SuperPowers they help create a peace filled, healthy and thriving Universe.

My Mission:

I teach Highly Sensitive People how to thrive in an insensitive world as
and healthy leaders, creatives and healers. With self-care, self-love and clarity they learn to manifest the life and world they desire.

Highly Sensitives are SuperHeroes with SuperPowers that our world needs right now!

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Find freedom, guidance, structures, inspiration, know how, and someone who can see and hear you.

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Personal & Professional Development Coaching Packages to transform your life from struggle to flow and from lack to abundance!

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Learn more about the traits that are common for highly sensitive people.
See if some of the statements resonate with you, or relate to someone important in your life.

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Taking Time for Yourself is Not Selfish

              I was at a Tribal Trust Foundation board retreat on Thursday and one of our members read, Taking Time for Yourself  to us...

Transform Feeling NOT Enough into I AM ENOUGH!

  One of the most important beliefs you can have is "I am enough" or "I matter". Most of you have grown up thinking and feeling you are not enough or that you don't matter...

Burnt out? Lonely? Gain Life/Work Harmony

"I'm burnt out! I can't handle one more thing in my life. Something has to change or I'm going crazy!" "I'm lonely and depressed!" "I didn't sign up for this lifestyle; all work...

Reign In Your Wildly Creative Mind~Highly Sensitives

Do you have a wildly creative mind? (0-60 sec. elaborate story creator) Are you easily influenced by images, stories, and other people? Do you deeply process and reflect on the...

Powerful Process to Stop taking on Other People’s Energy

I get asked this question a lot, as an Empath, how do you spend time with people and not take on their feelings like your own? In the video below, I guide you through a powerful...

You Deserve To Be Your Best

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