Your Personal Money Map Special


First let me CELEBRATE YOU!!!

For taking the action to up-lift yourSelf and your Life!


Taking your life transforming Money Map Session with me will uncover your hidden money programming and your current Wealth Set-Point  all of which are limiting your ability to reveal your true inner voice and to grow your Soul career, your relationships, and your wealth.

In your two, 1 1/2 hour money mapping sessions you will:

– Experience how your mind & body are connected and how your childhood conditioning around money is creating stress responses today that are creating your current money and life challenges. Learn how your are wired for each of these areas of money and how to easily reprogram your limiting beliefs, habits and actions:

1. savings, 2. debt, 3. income, 4. income goals  5. toxic money 

– Identify the very reasons why your income, savings and debt are EXACTLY where they are…and what you need to focus on shifting THIS YEAR!

– Learn how to raise your programmed Wealth Set-Point (money, love, friendships, pleasure, joy…)
You’ll get personalized practical and energy tools to help you stop stress and 
overwhelm related to money as well as transform some of your hidden vows around money that are limiting you. 

Marilyn O'Malley - Own

Your Personal Money Map Session is a valuable investment in your SELF and your future. Once you know what is triggering your stresses and limiting you, you can shift them and not let them hold you back any longer so you can have, be and do whatever it is your Soul desires. 

Thank you for taking advantage of this special offer of 50% off $350! $175

  • 2 life changing 90 minute coaching sessions with Marilyn helping you pull up deeply hidden roots that are keeping you from thriving 
  • personalized tools to use to remove your struggles and suffering
  • session are recorded for your use over and over on Skype

    As we each heal our money issues, we help the rest of the world heal.
    I look forward to guiding you through these life enhancing sessions.

Please call me to schedule your session after you purchase it below. 805-883-8598
Special 1/2 off price $175


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