Your Money Map Session Gift

First let me CELEBRATE YOU!!! WOO HOO!
for taking the action step to discover what is keeping you
from having the wealth and love you desire!

You are a “leader, game changer, achiever”,
because the majority of the population, even though they know it would change their lives, wouldn’t take the time to do this for themselves.


Taking Your Money Map Session with Me
will uncover your hidden money programming and
your Wealth Set-Point that’s limiting your ability to
grow your wealth and your self esteem. 

You will:

~ Experience how your mind/body stress response is wired for each of these 5 areas of money:
1. savings, 2. debt, 3. income, 4. income goals  5. toxic money 

~ Identify the very reasons why your income, savings and debt are EXACTLY where they are…and what you need to focus on shifting THIS YEAR!

~ Learn how to raise your programmed Wealth Set-Point 

Yes! You have a Wealth Set-Point just like a weight set point, that keeps you stuck at your current level of wealth.
This set point has you believing that no matter how hard you work, or how much you sacrifice you can’t get beyond this point. Your wealth has nothing to do with luck, laziness or that you are not good enough. You’ll learn what is keeping you at your set point in Your Money Map Session.

This Wealth Set-Point doesn’t just apply to people who grew up in middle class or poor.
It also applies to people who grew up in wealthy families.
Even if you grew up with a lot of money, there are issues of control, battle, rebellion,
loss and more that will keep you from growing your wealth.

What is Your Wealth Set-Point?

It is a set of hidden and limiting beliefs, stressful emotions and programming that keeps you from creating more in your life.

How do you raise this Wealth Set-Point?

When you take Your Money Map with me,  you will get specific answers about what you need to do to transform your Wealth Set-Point. You will know what has been holding you back financially and personally.
Until you uncover and remove the negative bugs in your programming that are unconsciously running through your nervous system causing stress and limited actions you won’t shift your Wealth Set-Point.

Think of it like your computer and it’s programming. If you have a virus that is in your program and the computer can’t do what you want it to do, you have to clear the virus and give it a new program. You can’t just put another program in the system and expect it to be capable of new actions.

Thank you for taking advantage of this special gift!
As we each heal our money issues we help the rest of the world heal.

I look forward to guiding you through this life changing session.

Please call me to schedule your session 805 883-8598

To living a wealthy, healthy and loving turned on life!

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