You Are The Secret!

You Are The Secret!
I had a wonderful time interviewing author Michelle Martin Dobbin about how to create  and experience more daily miracles this week on the radio show. She is the highly sensitive, creative and successful author of Personal Alchemy and Relationship Alchemy as well as her blog on
An important point for you to not miss that we covered is, “what is alchemy and how it is the main ingredient of the Law of Attraction” that most people are missing. If the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you this is key information for your benefit.
Here is the interview on Embody Happiness & Prosperity Radio–> Personal Alchemy
Are you feeling the energies of the universe and feeling overwhelmed?
I don’t know about you but I have been feeling a lot of energy this month with the full moon, all the conflicts, solar flares and collective fears…etc.
I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing to help me stay sane and grounded. 
Self care is a must
  1. Clear your energy frequently by saying anyone else’s energy that is not my own go back to your owner. 
  2. Use water to ground, swim, shower, take a bath and drink lots of it
  3. Eat well and as natural as possible, now is not the time to indulge or abuse any addictions….
  4. Spend time in nature, walking, hiking, swimming, gardening, meditating, observing and letting go of, breath
  5. Meditate, still or moving, quiet your mind, take control of it even if for 15 seconds at a time multiple times a day. 
  6. Move your body, dance, exercise, sex, move your energy so it moves through you and is not stuck inside you.
  7. Do some sound healing: Hum with you mouth closed making any sounds that feel good to you, listen to sound healing music —–> recommend Torkom Ji
  8. Take frequent breaks throughout the day doing one of the above self care.


Loving you,


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