The Simple Business Concept that’s not so simple with Shaun Caldwell

The Simple Business Concept that’s not so simple with Shaun Caldwell

Running a successful business often generates controversy and misinformation. The common misconception that life is all about lounging poolside and playing golf all day once you’ve learned how to make money often overshadow the truth of  the real demands that challenge the entrepreneur every day.

27-year-old owner of Charlotte Print, Shaun Caldwell, talks about managing expectations when building a business and answers 3 very important questions

  1. What are the most important skills to learn for your business
  2. What types of people should you work with?
  3. How do you get people to do business with you?

Shaun was appointed the youngest probation officer in the US Probation Office in US history at the age of 21 right out of College, but walked away from a position when he realized he needed to shift his focus to have more fun and more success.

Now, Shaun speaks regularly at events for small businesses and is a frequent contributor to respected blogs and publication.

Find out more about Shaun’s  #LetsCanHunger campaign , his effort to provide local families with healthy and nutritious food during some of the most challenging seasons. Contact Shaun directly for donations (canned foods, monetary donations) at

You can connect with Shaun on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @charlotteprint, on or go to

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