The Huge Benefits of Grounding YourSelf

The Huge Benefits of Grounding YourSelf
Grounding is an essential and profound tool that most of us have not been taught to utilize in our daily lives as part of “Healthy Living 101.” This is a practice that everyone would benefit from and that every sensitive has to do to be healthy on the planet today.
Growing up sensitive (or in my case HSP – Highly Sensitive Person) made it uncomfortable for me to feel everything that was around me, so I learned at a young age to stay more out of my body and be more in my head. Although it felt more comfortable to remain ungrounded, it didn’t serve me after childhood.
Children and adults become ungrounded when feeling afraid, overwhelmed, or traumatized. You contract your energy to feel safe and to not feel what you don’t want to experience. When you are ungrounded, it feel like you’re a leaf being blown by the stormy winds of emotions and energy in your environment.
If you’re not grounded you will:
  • not attract your clients, partners, love relationships, wealth, opportunities, support, health…..
  • be unfocused, easily distracted, flighty, spacey…
  • feel unstable, unsupported, disconnected, dizzy, not like yourself, anxious, depressed, fearful, weak…
  • not be seen and heard, present, have influence or be empowering
I want you to know that you are safer and more powerful being grounded and full of your energy (expanded.) 
As a highly sensitive (HSP), I’ve had to learn to pull my energy in my body and then to ground it into the earth. Learning to feel my feelings while grounded enabled me to become more authentically myself.
When you are grounded you have a place to let energy go rather than store it up inside you (spirit world) or around you, dragging your energy down. If you only hang out in spirit world you will not manifest because you need your senses and your body to help you bring your inspired visions into reality. If you stay in your head your vision stays a dream.
You need to have the ability to bridge both spirit and body in order to be effective, healthy, empowered, influential and manifesting what you desire.
tree with roots
Grounding is connecting your energy to Mother Earth. This practice will calm your mind and body leaving you feeling supported, relaxed and peaceful.
Grounding to the earth gives you a place to offload the energy that you’ve taken on during the day or while you’ve slept.
Grounding creates a foundation that supports you as you expand your energy and your Souls expression into the world. You can feel your personal power when grounded.
Ways to Ground Your Energy
  • meditation; being in the present moment
  • visualization; imagine a grounding cord from your hips into the earth
  • movement, dance, stomp, swim, skip, yoga, workouts…
  • focused attention; I am grounded to mother earth, NOW
  • physically put your feet/hands in the dirt walking, garden, swim, hug a tree,
  • eat raw food from a garden
  • play with animals
  • lay on the ground for 20-60 minutes with as much skin touching the earth
  • tapping
  • breathing; take deep full belly breaths 10x
Once you ground now you can clear your energy field (I call it your mobile home) more easily.
Here is a tapping video for grounding yourself: Tapping To Ground Your Energy
To living a turned on life,
Loving you,

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