Stress Reduction Meditation

Stress Reduction Meditation
You might have seen the Christmas decorations at CostCo and other big stores already. In fact, I saw the first sets of decorations in late July…JULY! I guess they want to remind us to start shopping early, but for some of us, this just creates anxiety and reminds us of the stress that’s still to come.
Once you feel completely stressed out,  you are already in the middle of your old programming spiral.
Hopefully, the tips I shared in this week’s blog  was and will continue to be helpful to make your holiday season peaceful and enjoyable. To help you stop the stress before it can build up I recorded this guided Stress Reduction Meditation just for the upcoming holidays for you.
Use it daily or as needed. It is a powerful tool to keep you balanced,centered  and get you through the holiday season.
Remember, MEDITATION is a practice to train your mind and induce a form of consciousness to realize a benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content. It promotes relaxation, builds internal energy or life force and develops compassion, love, patience, generosity and forgiveness.
If you want to change it up and listen to one of my guided stress reduction meditations on iTunes, visit my Millennials & Money Cafe podcast titled “Stress Reduction Meditation” that I shared earlier this year by clicking HERE .

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