Self-Care for Highly Sensitive People to Thrive

Self-Care for Highly Sensitive People to Thrive

Self-Care for highly sensitive people is critical for them to thrive. HSPs must learn to manage their minds and energy to diminish the negative kryptonite factors in order to have a nourishing, balanced and empowered life. Being labeled as a highly sensitive can leave us feeling weak, shy, and disempowered when we don’t know how to manage our SuperPowers and the truths of our gifts. We are different for a reason. Learn how to take care of yourself and you will thrive owning your SuperPowers instead of survive being too sensitive.

Most of you were brought up thinking you weren’t good enough and something was wrong with you because you were “so sensitive and emotional.” Experiencing so much more of life than others, made you feel like you were too much and therefor an emotional burden for others.  So we started to hide our feelings, stuff them as not important and eventually turned them off and processed emotions through thinking about them.

You feelings, intuition, compassion, empathy, creative problem solving are some of your SuperPowers, and without them you are lost, depressed, and disconnected from yourself and life.

One of our SuperPowers is Empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. As a HS you pick up on other people’s emotions and pain. As a result you know what to do to make them feel better even before they do. Out of survival you make it your job to take care of them so they can or will take care of you. When you diminish their pain and suffering it made you feel better and safer. This is Codependency is a type of dysfunctional helping relationship where one person supports or enables another person’s drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility, or under-achievement. You don’t know better as a child, but you carry this into your adulthood without even thinking about it. Attracting toxic people into your life who don’t honor the sensitive and powerful person your are.

highly sensitive self careShutting down your feelings because others can’t deal with them and you haven’t been taught how to manage them is very unhealthy behavior physically, emotionally and spiritually. You may already have had this solution blow up in your face with physical or mental illness or as fears and phobias.

Without your feelings you are lost, depressed, and disconnected from yourself and life.

You wouldn’t put a fourteen year old who hasn’t learned to drive, into a racing car and let them drive the race track without instructions on how to manage the car. You haven’t learned how to manage your life with these SuperPowers (HS characteristics), that others have labeled less than, because they don’t understand them, so you are overwhelmed by the challenge and uncertainty of the power within you.

Today, I’m going to share how highly sensitive people can managing their lives and SuperPowers for their highest good.

Your self-care will allow you to operate from a healthy, positive, balanced and empowered state of being.

Kryptonite to the highly sensitive’s well-being are:

  • highly sensitive kryptonitesugar
  • energy vampires, narcissists
  • caffeine
  • too much of anything
  • drugs
  • toxic people
  • toxic places
  • clutter
  • chaos
  • no boundaries



  • get to know how YOU feel when you are CLEAR of others emotions, pains, fears…
  • check in frequently scanning your body to see what you are feeling and if it’s your energy or others
  • release what you’ve taken on energetically that is not yours by clearing your energy field
  • ground yourself in nature, get in water (shower, bath, swim)
  • set healthy boundaries and manage codependency

Intuition and your very creative internal mind

  • meditatemeditation
  • quiet time in nature or home
  • journal your feelings and thoughts rather than play them over and over in your head
  • create a place to put all the ideas that are interesting to you (idea journal, word doc on desk top…)
  • understand that not every idea you get is to be implemented NOW or even in the future.
    Just because we think it doesn’t mean we need to be the one to create it.
  • schedule day on paper, don’t try to remember everything
  • stay focused on one thing for a set amount of time (15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes)
  • listen to your intuition and follow it

Overwhelmed by your environment (home or office)

  • fix it up, change it to meet your needs and desires
  • move, find something better
  • add things that make you feel nourished, grounded, beautiful and happy
  • declutter and clear blocks anything that doesn’t feel good or reminds you of negative experience
  • at work find time to spend in nature or bring nature into your environment
  • if busy office, loud…listen to your music, lights too bright where tinted glasses, too much action – put plants up to block out activity around you…
  • learn to manage your mind (focus in present moment-not stressing) and energy (grounded, present, vital) so you are not distracted by everything around you
  • learn what stresses you and plan accordingly so they rarely show up
  • Surround yourself with powerful objects or symbols that support you; crystals, affirmations, pictures of people who love you,…


Rattled by having a lot to do

  • create a plan of action so you know the actions and steps needed
  • chunk the bigger things down into smaller steps of action
  • focus on one thing at a time, no multitasking
  • set time limit for each action, then take a short break
  • take short breaks, move your body, sing, play with pet, something fun or nourishing…
  • delegate or hire help
  • eat healthy to sustain energy
  • ask for support and receive it

Nervous system gets frazzled

  • vitamins and minerals for the nervous system like B-complex and Magnesium
  • ground yourself
  • create healthy boundaries Manage other people’s energy
  • Embody and be full of your life force energy rather than let it spill or drain out of you
  • Kava Kava and Rescue Remedy for calming the nervous system
  • focus on one thing rather than taking in everything
  • take breaks to restore and rejuvenate
  • pet an animal or play with a child
  • talk to your inner child and tell her, you as the adult, are in control and will take care of her…and then take care of her needs
  • drink water and eat something that is fresh and nurturing
  • Tap on what you are feeling (Emotional Freedom Technique tapping) Tapping neutralizes stress in the brain from being in fight or flight stress
    Tapping to reduce overwhelm and the fight or flight stress response
  • exercise daily to move energy and emotions
  • stop listening to news, watching horror or violent movies and TV shows, playing violent games…
  • stop being around negative, narcissistic and abusive people
  • good sleep
  • drink lots of water

Daily practice:

  • feel your feelings rather than think about them
  • move your body
  • quiet time and/or meditation
  • set your daily intentions
  • plan out your day to meet your needs/desires
  • clearing other people’s energy multiple times a day
  • ground yourself
  • create healthy boundaries around you, so others can’t suck on your energy
  • pay attention to your inner child and make them feel safe, seen and heard
  • learn to say “no” to everything that is not a “yes”
  • use your intuition to guide you
  • eat healthy
  • lots of sleep
  • do something that brings you pleasure
  • open, clear and balance your chakras

healing with chakras

Healing practices to explore more deeply that will empower and nourish you:

  • sound healing music
  • inner child work
  • personal development coaching
  • nutrition
  • meditation
  • chakra work
  • reframe characteristics of sensitivity from weaknesses to SuperPowers
  • feel your feelings
  • see your challenges as opportunities to make new choices
  • stop judging yourself and others
  • learn to manage your energy
  • learn to manage and expand your mind
  • remove blocks and learned programming that keeps you feeling broken, less than, small, hiding out and limited
  • learn about being codependent

If you have any questions about self-care for highly sensitive people please ask them through the comments below.

And share this with all the highly sensitives you know.

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