The Secret for Creating Powerful Intentions

The Secret for Creating Powerful Intentions

Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year again when you feel like you’ve got a clean slate to start over and make this year different than the last. So, what do you want to create for yourself this year? What are your desires and what do you want to heal? These are important things to contemplate and discover what’s important to you at this time in your life.



Your life needs direction, rather than random reactions to everything around you. If your life were a movie, you would play all the parts of creating that movie, producer, director, star, scriptwriter, casting director…..

In order for the movie to make sense, it needs a script, star, actors, directions…and energy. Your energy and focus need to be directed in order to change and grow your life experiences. You are the source of that focus and energy, nothing new will happen until you direct it, act it, and live it to the fullest.




Intentions are powerful guideposts that help you direct your life and bring new experiences that you desire your way.


Learning to be intentional in creating your life will help you manifest your dreams, desires, and goals rather than stay the same. Watch the video and then take the 6 steps I talk about in it to manifest more and change your life.

  1. Write down your intentions
    Writing your intentions down. This gives you the opportunity to experience them as if they were real and feed them with your energy. You’re imaging it as your future.
  2. Let yourself go big and bold: your desire should be bigger and richer than where you are at present. Don’t be shy or think you haven’t earned it, perfect enough, or set any limits on yourself love, relationships, community, money, health, career, fun, passions, purpose…
  3. Pay attention to the feelings you get from having your desire. Your present conditioning will either make you feel good or bad about it.


I’ll create $100.000 this year.  Feels Liberating and fun! and Money is selfish-not spiritual.

I’m in a relationship with a man who respects and cherishes me. Feels Loving, freeing, appreciated and  I’m not loveable.

Excitement, fear, joy, freedom, awe, take your breathe away

  1. Don’t connect your intention to someone else

You don’t know if someone else is ready to receive your desire or not… so keep your intentions for yourself and let others benefit from your manifestation afterward.

  1. Know that you will have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable because when you create your life you are making something new. Creating a new reality requires you to be different and that is uncomfortable because it’s not your habitual way to act. Change can feel scary, threatening, and vulnerable because of our stories that limit us.You have to rewrite the old script and direct a new movie.


  1. Let go of the how and when. Transform the blocks it reveals and receive the gifts that show up through your inner work.

Intention Supports
~ create dream board or mind movie,  ~ meditation/visualization your future self,  ~maintain the higher vibration of your intention throughout the day, ~schedule daily actions,  ~write about your intention in great depth as often as you like

I’d love to read your powerful intentions and imagine you as the Star you’re becoming, so please share with me in the comments!

If you need some help finding your direction call me for a Free Discovery Session…

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