RockStar Relationship Training for Highly Sensitives

Highly Sensitive Ladies
Learn how to be a RockStar at Relationships

Do you have an unhealthy relationship with Mom/Dad, Boss, Friends, Significant other?

Do you struggle with feeling safe being heard and seen?

Do you lack trust in yourself or others?

Are you looking for your husband, but attracting the wrong men dating?

Do you struggle with social anxiety or shyness?

If you said yes to any of these you’re in the right place.

We’re not taught how to have healthy relationships at home and in school.  In fact, it is in those environments that we learned unhealthy habits and beliefs that are holding us back.  That early childhood programming needs to be replaced with new authentic positive mindsets, values and actions that serve your highest good. I’m here to help you solve your relationship challenges and give you skills that will enrich and empower you for the rest of your life!

Stop suffering with intimacy and trust issues, not knowing what to say or how to act personally and professionally any longer.

Not sure if you’re highly sensitive check this out: Am I highly Sensitive

To feel fulfilled, happy and success in your life, you need a healthy relationship
with yourself and others.

Intimate, Affordable, Transformative and Safe Group Coaching for Women 
with Intuitive Empowerment Coach
Marilyn O’Malley

Limited to 12 women per group 

1st Month: New Year, New You ~ Relationship with Self

2nd Month: How to Attract or Deepen the Love in Your Life

3rd Month: How to Manage My Other Relationships

Starts: Tues. March 7th, 6-7:30pm PST for 12 Weeks

Be part of a healing and empowering tribe, working together to grow your love and
elevate your lives while opening your hearts and minds to your greatest potential.

What to expect: 

  • 12 weeks of relationship teachings and coaching calls answering your specific questions

  • To positively transform your relationship with yourself and others

  • Become more confident and less critical

  • Find your blocks to love and remove them

  • Get clear on what you really want from your relationships

  • Fall more in love with yourself and others ~ Become a Relationship RockStar 

  • Weekly homework to move you forward, support and accountability

  • Secret FB Group for more support and celebrations!

  • Recorded calls

  • $100 each month for 3 months = $300.00 for 12 weeks of coaching

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1st Month: New Year, New You ~ Relationship with Self

Learn why deeply caring for YourSelf is not selfish and is important for all of humanity.

Raise your confidence, self worth and charisma.

Learn to value you voice and heart.

Keep self-sacrifice, self-sabotage and perfectionism from ruining your life.

Learn what real self care is and create a life plan of action that nurtures you for more energy and vitality.

Discover your deeply rooted vows and fears keeping you from being your best naturally.

Learn how to cope and self sooth.

And more…


2nd Month: How to Attract or Deepen the Love in Your Life  


Get clear on what you want in a relationship and what you are responsible for.

Deepen the loving in your current relationship.

Become more attractive to the man you desire.

Remove your blocks to love, trust and commitment.

Learn how to prescreen your dates, so you’re not wasting your time.

Set healthy boundaries for healthy relationships. 

And more…


3rd Month: How to Manage My Other Relationships

We’ll go where you are personally experiencing relationship issues. Here are some examples:

Family and Friends: set healthy boundaries, what to do if you have a narcissistic parent, how to move on…

Money: how to have a healthy and loving relationship with money and what is in your way of receiving more…

Boss and Peers: how to ask for what you need, what to do…., how to speak your truth respectfully… 

Social anxieties: how to handle stress, anxiety, overwhelm, doubt, worry around others…

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Any questions about Become a Relationship RockStar
call Marilyn 805 88-8598


Marilyn O’Malley is an intuitive, healer, life coach who helps women take back their power and authentic self, that got lost in childhood, to create the adult lifestyle and successes they desire. She has been coaching highly sensitives and creatives for 15 years in all areas of their life and business.

Relationships have been the foundation of her work no matter the topic, because everything begins with your relationship to yourself and how you see your world. It all begins with you!

To find out more about me go to –> About Marilyn 

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