Why Millennials are like Awesome Vultures

Why Millennials are like Awesome Vultures

Turkey Vultures as a guide to being awesome Millennials

As I am being present and acknowledging the world around me on the Canadian side of the 1000 Islands, I stumbled upon a feather. The feather was from a turkey vulture and I was curious as to what it meant to me and for my life and passions of working with Millennials.

I have such an affection for Millennials and for birds, so finding this beautiful feather was a sign. I acknowledge the signs the universe and nature sends me. Because I know I am destined to work with Millennials who are struggling and often can’t afford to work with a coach.  I often check in with the Universe to guide me on how I can better serve.

I want to reach thousands of you because I know you are here to change this world. The feather was a wonderful reminder of why I am so drawn to work with you. Learn the amazing attributes of a vulture and why I think Millennials are just like them. This will be a great reminder of how the vulture sets a fantastic reminder to live a fulfilled and successful life as part of a greater good, changing this world and how things are done in the future.


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Vulture Photo by Casey Allen

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