How to Create Life/Work Harmony While Traveling

How to Create Life/Work Harmony While Traveling

Creating work/life harmony while on the road has it’s rewards and its challenges just like your daily life. Awareness and planning are key to success in both arena’s.

Here is what I have learned  about

How to Create life/work Harmony on Vacation

1. Accept what is, and move forward from there: There will be lots of interruptions that will get in your way of your ideal expectations such as no power, no internet, partner interference, unexpected travel cancelations, detours, hunger, lack of room, fatigue, lack of inspiration, overwhelm, beauty that you can’t stop looking at, bugger noises, and other people’s agendas… to name a few.To argue with what has already occurred is insane and a waste of your time. Accept it without judging and move forward.  A cancelation is a cancelation you can’t take back what has already happened. Arguing with what is keeps you in the past, keeps creating more of what you are focusing on instead of creating your future in the NOW.

Being present in this way will keep your creative and confidence energy high.

2. Decide your boundaries; what are you willing to do and not do on this adventure

Setting clear boundaries and following them will make your travels  less frustrating and freeing.

Decide if this trip a pure vacation or combination? Most of my trips are work free zones because I prefer to be present and spontaneous while exploring new places and people.

This trip to Lake Placid and the 1000 Islands, we take every year so I work while I am on it. I have a good plan and certainty in working it.

Get clear what kind of work you will be doing, when, where, with whom and what is vacation time if you decide to work while you travel.

Schedule your work as much as possible, remember time zone changes.

I have my clients scheduled and I am also writing so I know I will be doing most of that in the 1000 Islands except for this newsletter and Thurs. Challenge.

3. Communicate with partner/family the details of your intentions

Let your partner/companion/family know what you have planned so they don’t have other unspoken expectations of you on vacation.

Share your work and self care plan. Don’t hold back because you don’t want to bother them or feel they won’t except what you desire. Work it out before hand.

When I don’t take care of myself I am not a happy camper. I then start to blamed Jeff and get down on myself.  With a little planning and communication that drama is avoided.

If you make everything clear, they can make their own plans.

I find it is when I surprise them with my plan that I create challenges.

I believe the big challenge is for us to make up our own minds and get clear ourselves then let it flow.4. Take care of yourselfIf you have a healthy mind/body/spirit practice at home don’t dump it on your vacation. Plan how to work it into your travel schedule.

I get really cranky if I don’t meditate or have my feminine quiet time, journal, be with my thoughts, read inspiring books, move my body…these all ground me and keep me present and conscious.

I have found it well worth my time to take the time to figure out what works for me while traveling and what doesn’t.

I wake up a little earilier than Jeff so I use that time to meditate. I read an inspiring books before sleep as well as consciously think of what I am grateful for creating in my life as I fall asleep. Exercise comes in a variety of forms and I make sure I do something other than sit durning the day. I love water and swimming is something I look forward to wherever we go. I will swim in Lake Placid as well as the 1000 Islands.

Figure out what  your needs are and imagine how you will incorporate them in your day.

5. Let go of perfectionism

As a profectionist I use to have very high standards about how life  and I “should” show up. Today I a new perspective that however life shows up, everything to work out perfectly.

I keep my mind focused on my outcome, happiness, love, ease and grace and when I am conscious that is how my life is reflected back to me. I go with the flow and look for the magic in the moment. The Universe knows so much more than I do and I trust it to serve me as I serve it.

 When I start thinking my life or myself is “not good enough” than that is when all my challenges show up for me to learn from.
Going with the flow and not creating a box for my experience to fit neatly into frees you to find your natural expression and joy.

 6. Be prepared

Learn about where you are going and find places that support your mind/body/spirit needs. Gym or pool in hotel, spa, quiet areas, size of room… Are there restaurants or grocery stores that meet your dietary needs or do you need to bring some supplies with you.

I bring my protein and green drinks and chia seeds with me everywhere

What technology tools do you need for doing business. Is there internet where you will be? Do you have to pay for it? What tools do you need to run your virtual business like skype, international phone, and dropbox….

Be prepared and Don’t over plan your days. Leave room for spontaneous adventures and magical experiences.  Overplanning is controlling

Communicate your desires and have everyone your closely traveling with state their desires and plan how they can be meet.

Honoring each others space and desires sets you up for a fun and pleasurable and productive (work) journey.

Alright, this is a good start and sticking with not being perfect, I will end here as Jeff is waiting for his dinner and I have honored my commitment to myself to get this newsletter out every Weds.

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