Healing & Stress Reduction Meditation

Healing & Stress Reduction Meditation

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This podcast is a Healing and Stress Reduction Meditation that clears your energetic field, clears the chakras, and grounds you to help you find more love, peace of mind and calm your stress. 

Sensitives don’t usually have healthy boundaries and this meditation is very helpful for healers, body-workers, healthcare workers, health professionals, public workers, around toxic people, dramatic people, traveling in airports, during after workshops/trainings, office setting with lots of electronics,… etc

Make sure you are in a quiet environment where you will not be disturbed. As you get use to the practice you can do this meditation faster in your imagination with the same results.

Creativity, productivity and problem solving are all limited by stress. When you are in stress it drains your energy from your brain making you dumb and moves the energy to your limbs, so you can flee or fight. Stress raises your cortisol levels in response to feeling unsafe. Whenever you don’t feel safe your amygdala (the part of our brain that goes into stress) goes into fight or flight.

Stress  is very unhealthy physically, mentally, and spiritually and a waste of your  time and
energy unless you are in “real time” danger.

A lot of today’s stress is not created by the reality of being attacked by a lion in the bush, but our beliefs, thoughts and imagination of what could happen. It comes from social media comparing ourselves to others, bullying, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and limited negative thinking about outcomes…

Safety and overwhelm is an inside job, unless you are in direct danger.

When you are in survival it is hard to think creatively when you are wondering where you will sleep or what you will feed your children. You most likely are not in a true life or death situation, but your imagination and body create the feelings of survival out of habit (you can be addicted to adrenaline). It is important to break the habit (addiction) of stress in your life.

Stress is not a badge of honor or necessary in your everyday life!

This stress reaction has become an chronic problem for a lot of creative and sensitive people in their professional and personal lives.  When you are in stress, you make dumb choices out of fear that result in self-sabotage or procrastination. You may go into freeze and spend the day watching TV, because you feel overwhelmed. It is to your great benefit to learn to manage your stress. This is why I talk so much about stress reduction and give you tools to work with your mind and energy.

You would benefit from using this meditation daily or the practice of clearing and grounding your energy multiple times a day.

For more podcasts check out Millennials and Money with Marilyn O’Malley on iTunes 

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