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I have created a variety of ways for you to have lots of free information that will help you to to Up-level your lifestyle and business as much as you can on your own.


Utilize these TOOLS frequently as you explore your inner self and desires to help you understand why you’re where you are, uncover your personal power and clear what is limiting you.

My YouTube Station: shares energy tools, interviews and trainings from Millennials and Money Cafe, and video blog posts to help you up~level your wealth and business.

* EFT Tapping sessions to remove limiting money and self-esteem beliefs, stress, anxiety, fears and phobias about standing out and being seen and heard as the creative expert you are.

* Clearing other people’s energy from you

* Law of Attraction or manifestation trainings

*How to ground your energy and stay in your body for better results

Millennial & Money Café podcasts have actionable steps and guidance including Tappings and meditations you can follow along. The videos are a great tool to get guided Tappings on specific issues. They are easy to follow along and include in your daily practice. Explore yourself more by taking The Passion Test and find out if you are a ‘highly sensitive’ questionnaire.

My blog: will provide you with information, facts, techniques, explanations and entertainment that deal with up-leveling your life and educate you on what is limiting you from having a wealthy, healthy and joy filled turned ON life.

You’ll appreciate the Huffington Post articles as a supplement to my weekly blogs. I often expand on a current topics or offer more comprehensive insight to my Huffington Post audience.

Picture Gallery: a fun tool to include creativity and inspiration in your day. You can share them on your social media (and sharing is caring!) and print them out as a postcard or picture. Hang them on your wall to inspire you daily, or tape them in your car to keep you inspired, motivated or amused. Take a load off, take a deep breath and just enjoy.

Are You Highly Sensitive TestI am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), my mother and my children are highly sensitive people and I have been life coaching HSP since 2002. This test will share with you a list of traits that are common for highly sensitive people. See if these statements resonate with you, or relate to someone important in your life. You have valuable traits that serve the up-lifting of humanity and the planet. You are not weak, shy, not good enough…etc!

The list of Resources are important readings or source materials that I incorporate in my teachings and will provide you with even more tools to expand your knowledge for your transformation.

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