Do You Skip This Step Of Manifesting?

Do You Skip This Step Of Manifesting?

Manifestation is the process of bridging the spiritual and material together to create a prosperous life for yourself, your family, and your commmunity. It begins with your best ideas for your life, your truest desires and dreams, how you want your life to be. All ideas are conceived in the infinite void, which we call Source.

Are you like most people and skip this first step in manifestation because they don’t take the time to figure out what they really desire.
This is an important place to spend time. Take some now and see what manifests for you because you did take the time.

If you could create anything in your life right now, what would it be?

If you were to let go of any limiting thoughts and open your heart to your desires what flows into your consciousness? The seed of manifestation begins here.

To tap into this energy requires you to quiet your mind so you can tap into the vibrations of your desires, dreams and possibilities.

What powers would you produce? What tools would you need to bring your ideas down into reality? Who would you need to become in order to receive the harvest of your actions. (trainings, reprogramming neg. vows/beliefs/patterns…)

When you create from this space of openness you are create in alignment with your life purpose. Plant those seeds and pull the weeds for a prosperous yield from your garden of life.

Let us know what seeds you are planting as communicating your desires shapes what you desire to manifest.

To you living a prosperous and juicy life!


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