Complimentary, 60 min. Discovery Session

Find freedom, guidance, structures, inspiration, know how,

and someone who can see and hear you

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Marilyn O'Malley - Own

Artist, Leader, Healer, Writer, Musician, Innovator, Coach, Therapist, Light-worker, Actor, Game-changer,
Organizer, Photographer, Designer, Architect, Film-maker, Dancer…


Call me for a Complimentary Discover Session

if you’re having  challenges in any of the areas below 

805 883-8598

  • Relationships (empathy, highly sensitive, no boundaries, can’t find love, communication, respect, narcissistic parents, friends, spouse, trust issues, social anxiety…)

  • Professional Growth (confidence, self-esteem, perfectionism, fear of standing out and/or speaking up, career change, how to be a successful entrepreneur, millennial what’s next…)

  • Finances (avoidance relationship with money, boom or bust money cycle, no savings, too much debt, no money goals, stress and anxiety around money, parents never taught you about money, grew up with conflict and anger around money in your family, believe it is not spiritual training/beliefs conflicts with having more than enough money, money as manipulation/controlling, money reminds you of the lack of love create a healthy and loving relationship with money…)

  • Life/Work Balance (how to work smart~not struggle, what do you want?, how to have it all, self-care, living in flow vs habits of drama/struggle/suffering/adrenaline/anger/perfectionism…)

  • Intuition (not as strong as you like it,  how to use it to read business situations or as a coach/healer/therapist, use…)

  • Well-Being (positive mindset, raising your frequency, healthy living, managing your energy, clearing, grounding, fears, anxiety, stress, emotional addictions and limiting habits…)

  • Feeling Connected to self, others, nature and Source, (lack of unconditional love, forgiveness, lack of feelings, always in head thinking, feel you deserve to have more, …)

A complimentary Discovery Session includes:

• You’ll become clear on your goals both short term and long term
• We’ll uncover your biggest hidden blocks holding you back
• You’ll know exactly your next step to move forward
• You will leave feeling energized, empowered and inspired


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