The Power of Intuition

The Power of Intuition

Each of us has an internal guidance system; our intuition.  It can come to us in many ways; gut feelings, dreams, a sense of knowing, energetic guidance, images, voices, signs from our environment, notions from other people.  By observing this great source of information you will strengthen your ability to make better choices.

Plenty of us use our intuition regularly without recognizing it as that.  You might have a knowing or a hunch about something that is going to happen in your life.  A knowing might be that you think about talking with your mother on the phone and she calls.  Similarly, a hunch would be to take a different route on the way home and find out that you by passed a huge accident on your regular route.  There are situations that guide you to important people in your life.  You’re compelled to attend a party where you meet your life partner.  You sit near someone at a meeting that has similar interests as you, and together you begin envisioning a new business together.

Intuition is something we are all born with, but we have not all been encouraged to use this internal guidance system.  The good news is that today intuition is recognized as an empowering tool that is essential for guiding us to live our purpose.

A strong intuition helps you make smart decisions.  Powerful and successful leaders and entrepreneurs are known to use their intuition in business and in their personal life.  Through education and practice you can strengthen your intuition.

 Here are two simple ways to practice using your intuition:

1. When the phone rings, sense who is calling.  Use that gut feeling, and ask who’s calling?

2. Intend that you will easily find a parking spot and let your intuition guide you to it.  Feel into the energy of your awareness as you drive.

To your magnificence,

Marilyn O’Malley and Kendra Koskin

If you are serious about learning to use your intuition in your

life and in your business for greater influence, call Marilyn.


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