Business Intuition


This is an excerpt from my mentor Lee Milteer, best-selling author, acclaimed speaker and intuitive business coach has just finished what she considers to be her most powerful book:  “Reclaim the Magic – The Real Secrets To Manifesting Anything You Want”

Business Intuition

Intuition sounds almost mystical, but it’s actually just the mind’s ability to match patterns. You “get a feeling” about a new situation because it is subconsciously similar to an experience you have had before. That is how intuition tells us that an attractive business offer has hidden dangers or an associate doesn’t have our best interests at heart. 

Imagine this: You are sharing logical and intellectual reasons why your prospect, client, customer, or patient should invest in your product or service. But deep down, hidden away, you feel unsure of yourself. You have fears that your supplier cannot deliver on time or you don’t feel worthy of a large commission, or maybe you dislike your prospect. Maybe you fear your supplier will let you down or your staff cannot handle the extra work. Something inside of you is insecure and not confident. 

Whether your feelings are positive or negative, they are energy that’s being transmitted by you to your prospect. Your prospect picks up subtle energy patterns or thoughts, intellectually or subliminally, and can feel your doubts. Make sure you are aware of this important point. You must clean up your thoughts, doubts, and negative energy before you make presentations of any kind. Maybe your staff or sales people are having these feelings. If they are, I assure you these negative feelings are affecting your sales, profits, and results. 

Your inner thoughts and feelings are just as important as your physical presentation because your inner thoughts affect your prospect’s decisions. You must be aware of the feelings you are experiencing because others can pick up your energy transmissions. Keep in mind that when clients spend money, they want to feel it’s safe to buy things. Just like you, they can sense danger or safety on a conscious and unconscious level. Human beings just seem to be “wired” to intuitively pick up fear, danger, or lack, just like animals sense fear.

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