10 Ways for Women to Empower Each Other

10 Ways for Women to Empower Each Other

Learn how women can help each other be better and make an impact.

I believe it is a very powerful time for women in the world and I would like you to become more conscious about how you treat yourself and one another.

Because everything is energy, paying attention to the energy you create through your words, thoughts, emotions and actions is very important not only for your own healing but also for humanity and the planet’s healing.

Your greatest gift to humanity is to do your own inner work to discover the truth of who you are and to model that truth in the world and allowing others to do the same.

Every female is part of the healing and uplifting of other females on this planet whether you are conscious of it or not.

Empowering each other with your words, thoughts, feelings and actions will support the loving, freeing and healing transformation taking place in the world right now and still to come. Not honoring who you truly are keeps feeding the negative energy of competition, gossip, self-abuse, lack and disconnection. However you choose to live your life in each moment impacts all of us energetically. With inspired intentions and actions you can expand the up-lifting energy of the planet and create changes that serve the highest good for all women and men.

Will you join me in helping positively transform our world one conscious choice at a time?

Do you want to be up-lifted, supported, empowered and honored?

Then you must become conscious of your thoughts, feelings and actions and change what is limiting you, holding you in fear, has you feeling you are not enough or unworthy and transform those lies and limiting childhood conditioning.  When you do this you help everyone’s energy around you rise and expand.

As you shine your light and brilliance you allow other women to be their honest, real and authentic selves.


Here are 10 ways you can change your perception about yourself and empower yourself and other women. Adress each of these points, one at a time, and see how much better you feel and how much more connected you feel to others.

Please Share “ah-ha” moments and any comments in the section below. Your comments help others! Sharing is Caring.

10 Ways for Women to Empower Each Other

  1. STOP judging, gossiping and being highly critical of yourself and others. What you put out comes back to you. START cultivating compassion for yourself and others. There is NO good that comes from engaging in negative judgments. The majority of your judgments and critical thinking is programmed information from others who want you to do what they have been programmed to do and it is a vicious cycle. If you want to be critical, challenge all your beliefs and why you are believing and doing what you are currently being/doing…then let go of what isn’t yours and make new states of being and attitudes that serve your highest good.
  2. STOP blending in when you are meant to stand out! There is no one else like you, so there is no one else for you to be like or judge yourself against. START cultivating your strengths, gifts, talents and uniqueness and share them with the world.
  3. STOP believing you’re a victim because of your race, religion, sex, education, financial status or any other circumstances. START owning your power to create the world you desire from the inside out. Know that your sense of worthiness and self-esteem is your issue, no one else’s. Did you ever think, maybe your challenge is yours to transform you and the world!?
  4. STOP saying “yes” when you feel like saying “no.” START creating healthy boundaries so you can be and give your best and you’re not depleted. Serve your needs and desires first so you are full to give to others.
  5. STOP believing you’re not good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, skinny enough, rich enough, strong enough, loveable enough etc. START your healing journey by addressing and transforming your past traumas and issues. Free yourself of any of the above lies you have been living and get on with creating your new life in the present moment rather than living in the past. It is your job to find your truth! Only you can change your perception of yourself and your life.
  6. STOP living in fear of what you imagine might be from what has been your past experience. START getting clear on what you desire for yourself and the world. Ask the Universe for it, ask for support in creating your desires and then take inspired steps daily moving towards those goals. It is safe to ask for your needs and desires.
  7. STOP saying “No” to fun, pleasure, play, love and joy when they show up. START saying “Yes” to living a full and happy life – a turned ON life! This raises your energy to create new opportunities, events, circumstances and expansion in your life. How great can you stand your life to be? Raise the bar daily! This energy fills you up and is necessary for you living a fulfilled and meaningful life.
  8. STOP letting money issues hold you back or make you feel not good enough. START learning how to manage your money, savings, debt, income and plan for your successes. Money is part of your power and life force energy. Money will support you in expressing yourself in the world and enabling you to have the impact you’ve come here to create.
  9. STOP being a perfectionist and living in fear of not being seen as perfect. Using critical and self-defeating self-talk takes you down and keeps you small. START loving yourself more, celebrating your actions and your messiness as well as your brilliance. Trust that you will do your best at any given moment. Your life, your business and your relationships are a creative journey. Nothing is perfect. Take one step at a time making conscious choices while enjoying your journey.
  10. STOP thinking small and START living BIG from your heart. Pursue your passions! They are your landmarks for living a fulfilled and meaningful life. You’re not here to limit yourself. Your limiting thoughts have been learned from other people. You are much more than you can imagine right now. Deep inside you KNOW that is TRUE.

Shifting even one of these areas of your life will create major transformation over time. Please know that you are worth all the effort it takes to make these changes and that you are not only helping yourself, you are helping you other women, your family and humanity.

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Here’s to you living your turned ON life,


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