Highly Sensitive Interns Ida and Kaitlyn

Are you a highly sensitive and creative who is:

~ called to be a leader and don’t know how to be one without feeling that you’ll have sacrificing yourself?

~ dreaming of living a life you love, but you don’t know how to __________?

~ been raised by a narcissist parent and/or has a narcissistic partner/friends/boss?

~ longs for playful, creative and deeply caring relationships but can’t find them?

~ a healer, a coach, a teacher…who wants to learn how to create healthy boundaries, feel valued with bountiful appreciation for your services, become a positive healthy role model, and learn powerful energy work?

I’m here to serve you!

Complimentary 60 Minute Discovery Session

complimentary session

Find freedom, guidance, structures, inspiration, know how, and someone who can see and hear you.

Call Marilyn @ 805 883-8598 to schedule your free session

Love, Live and Matter Coaching Packages

session with Marilyn

I offer Customized Life Coaching Packages to empower you to transform your life so you will LOVE, LIVE and MATTER!

Are You Highly Sensitive? Take The Test & Learn More

highly sensitive

Learn more about the traits that are common for highly sensitive people.
See if some of the statements resonate with you, or relate to someone important in your life.

Contact Marilyn

T: (805) 883-8598

E: Coachmarilyn1@gmail.com

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