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What would it mean for you to live a TURNED ON LIFE having wealth, success, health, loving relationships, and the business you desire?

Marilyn is a modern day shaman and transformation coach for creative and sensitive entrepreneurs & professionals (Life Coaches, Health Practitioners, Artist, Authors, CEOs, Executives, Innovators, Pioneers, and Leaders...) who desire to live a turned on life and transform their money and life challenges. She guides you to remove your fears and childhood programming, so that you can share with the world your gifts and thrive.

Do you feel:
~ stressed in flight or fight setting a money or business goal? I help you neutralize the stress response, so you can move forward with ease and grace.

~ frustrated, angry or anxious because you don't know what is limiting you financially, in relationships, health, confidence, and want support to change and stop struggling

~ stuck because you don't know how to transform yourself and you believe you "should know how if you were _____________". You can't do it on your own!

~ overwhelmed by the thought of change because you imagine it is going to be hard? That's why I'm here to make it easier for you than on your own because I know what is need for your success.

~ unclear about what you desire, you've been focusing on others desires for so long?

~ afraid that change will turn you into someone you aren't? It won't! I promise! You are not the authentic YOU right now.

I have transformed myself and and my clients lives, having coached over 5000 hours. I use a variety tools: Tapping, cognitive behavioral techniques, intuition, energy healing work, inner child re-programming, business coaching, confidence building, relationships coaching, mindfulness practices, spirituality coaching, and mind/body/spirit well-being....

START TODAY, don't delay living a turned on & loving life any longer. The World needs you NOW!

Call for a Complimentary Happiness & Prosperity Discovery Session Marilyn (805) 883-8598

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Healing Your Inner Child For
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