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Enhance Your Personal Power & Wealth

Call Marilyn @ 805 883-8598 to schedule a complementary Enhance Your Life (right now!) Session which includes:

• You will become clear on your goals both short term and long term
• We’ll uncover your biggest hidden blocks holding you back
• You’ll know exactly your next step to move forward
• You will leave feeling energized, empowered and inspired


Life Enhancing Coaching Packages

I offer my Enhance Your Life Coaching Packages with targeted emphasis and  in different formats fitting your current stage and goals.

Most clients come to me because they are in a transition in their life and wonder what’s next, or because they feel like there is more to them and life then they are able to access without help. They are looking for a plan of action, guidance, emotional support, accountability, and systems that will help them develop and expand on life-skills to get you where they want to go with ease and grace. I am committed to helping you transform your life or business with such ease and grace.

Take a look at the coaching packages below or call me to schedule a Complimentary Enhance Your Life session and get a taste of what it’s like to work together (805) 883-8598

Call me today to become the confident, creative leader and live the turned-on, wealthy and successful life you’ve always dreamed about.

Coaching Packages

I am honored to help you make your significant transitions in life.

Loving you,


Claim your Free  Enhance Your Life Session Now

Discovery SessionDiscover what’s holding you back from accomplishing your short and long term goals. If you are uncertain about your future, feel bored with your current career or relationships, struggle with anxiety because you don’t have enough money, love, success, and confidence this ‘getting to know me and you’ session will be an eye-opener and super-charger.
• You will become clear on your goals both short term and long term
• We’ll uncover your biggest hidden blocks holding you back
• You’ll know exactly your next step to move forward
• You will leave feeling energized, empowered and inspired

PRICE: Free of charge
Claim your session Now by calling me for an appointment at (805) 883-8598

Wealth & Success Coaching Package – Make Money & Be Confident NOW

A Wealth & Business Game Changer

Wealth and Success CoachingDiscover what is holding you back from making money, choosing the career you love and claiming your wealth. Your ongoing money challenges will continue to add stress and anxiety to your life until you find out what is causing you to repeat the same actions that keep you from reaching those goals. 

Your Wealth & Success Package is  your personal money map  that will uncover your subconscious programming and irrational actions in connection with money areas including savings, debt, income, income goals and toxic money.

In two 90-minute intensive exploratory sessions and a 60-minute follow-up session you will find out how each of the money areas are mapped out in your nervous system as blocks to creating more wealth, creativity, and life force energy.

  • You will uncover your unconscious limiting money programming
  • You will greatly lower or remove your stress levels and triggers around money
  • You will find solutions to pay down your debt
  • You will get an overview how to make and attract more money into your life
  • You will create your version of a wealthy lifestyle
  • You will leave with a powerful map of steps to create a brand new energy, mindset and actions for personal and business wealth & success

Take Action to stop your stress and struggle now by calling(805) 883-8598

Price $350

 Personal Power Coaching Package

Be Empowered and Shine

Personal Power Coaching

Wherever you are in your life doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get clear on  where you’d like to go and commit to getting there.

Inside you is a brilliant, beautiful you that is waiting to shine her light, share her gifts and stand out feeling she has loved, mattered and lived a turned-ON life. You are unique and are here to share your gifts and talents.

Building a strong inner personal foundation so you can trust yourself is key to creating your successful life and business. Identifying your desires, needs, strengths, weaknesses, passions, purpose and brilliant gifts are necessary to making good decisions for your personal and professional growth.

  • The Enhance Your Personal Power Package is comprised of weekly 60-minute one-on-one sessions based on the level you choose. Please see the three different levels I offer below.
  • You will learn and accept the truth about who you are.
  • You will encounter what has been blocking you from naturally achieving what you desire in your life.
  • You will learn how to remove your inner blocks to prosperity, self confidence, self-love and worthiness to gain personal empowerment
  • You will learn to embrace your true, empowered, beautiful, and messy SELF, so you can honor and fall in love with yourself.
  • We will clarify your vision and exact direction you want to expand your life or business
  • You will leave individual sessions with steps and strategic systems to create and reach your goals while being supported and guided.
  • You will leave individual sessions with suggestions and tools to optimize your environment (people, home, office etc)
  • We will  master  your fears, worries, programming, deep vows, limiting mindsets and empower your innate true self to shine with confidence, happiness, success and prosperity.

All Enhance Your Personal Power Packages include:

    1. Weekly 60-minute sessions via Skype or in person
    2. In-depth Discovery Questionnaire
    3. Support in between sessions so you can practice while life is happening
    4. Recorded sessions for your own review and access
    5. Transformational Homework assignments
    6. Customized special meditations, visualizations, energy work and tapping exercises accessible on your smartphone or computer
    7. Resources and tools determined by your needs and growth requirements.

You are more than you know

I work with your mind, body and spirit and will address all areas of your life as it influences the results you desire. All packages are customized to meet your needs.

Choose from the three levels of Enhance Your Life Coaching Packages:

LEVEL 1: 3 Month Package

LEVEL 2: 6 Month Package

LEVEL 3: 1 Year Package


Payment plans are available.

 Change your Life NOW and FOREVER by grabbing one of the packages. Call me for payment options at (805) 883-8598

*** NEW***Master Manifesting Your Desires

Manifest your Desires Coaching

This special 8 week group training is for coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs, body workers, and creatives, who are struggling with attracting what they desire consistently and quickly. I will guide you through  a powerful manifesting process that involves clearing of your blocking vows, healing our chakras and learning to receive.




Price: $599

Heal Your Money Traumas & Struggles

Learn “Why” you never feel like you have enough money

“How” to change your unhealthy and limiting beliefs about money
that are keeping you stressed out and struggling.

 Increase your wealth, self-esteem and feel more empowered.

Reduce your debt and stress by healing your money wounds 

Contact Marilyn

T: (805) 883-8598

E: Coachmarilyn1@gmail.com

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