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Find freedom, guidance, structures, inspiration, know how, and someone who can see and hear you.

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I offer Customized Life Coaching Packages to empower you to transform your life so you will LOVE, LIVE and MATTER!

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Learn more about the traits that are common for highly sensitive people.
See if some of the statements resonate with you, or relate to someone important in your life.

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30 Ingredients for a Healthy Relationship

Whether you're single or married, knowing what a healthy relationship looks like is very useful in finding the right partner for you or spicing up your marriage. I recently gave...
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Secrets For Sensitive People To Find Relationships That Work

Secrets For Sensitive People To Find Relationships That Work: Why Emotional Empaths May Stay Lonely Or Alone Adapted from Dr. Judith Orloff’s New York Times Bestseller “Emotional...
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Intuition, Your Internal Guidance System

  As a highly sensitive,  one of your superpowers is your greater awareness of subtleties in the environment and this tends to make you more intuitive. Being intuitive means...
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How to Stop Overwhelm & Anxiety in the Workplace

                  Are you feeling overwhelmed and/or anxious at work? Do you take on everyone's energy in the office? Do you feel...
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Do You Know You Have These Blocks to LOVE?

Do you view yourself negatively? Do you put everyone before yourself? Do you view yourself negatively? Do you put everyone before yourself? Do you view men negatively? Do you...
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