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What would it mean for you to have MORE MONEY and live a creative TURNED ON LIFE living your purpose?

Are you a creative and sensitive entrepreneur or professional (Life Coaches, Artist, Authors, CEOs, Executives, Innovators, Pioneers, and Leaders)
who struggles with your relationship with money, being seen and heard and living your purpose without sacrificing yourself.

Let me guide you to remove your blocks, fight/flight stress responses and negative childhood programming, so that you can share with the world your gifts and thrive both personally and professionally.

Do you feel:
~ stressed in flight or fight setting a money or business goals?

~ frustrated, angry or anxious because you don't know what is limiting you financially, in relationships, health, and career... and ready to stop struggling

~ stuck because you don't know how to make things in your life different?

~ overwhelmed by the thought of change because you imagine it is going to be hard?

~ unclear about what you desire and your purpose because you've been focusing on others desires for so long you've lost yours?

~ guilty or shy asking for payment or setting your prices for your services/products?

~ afraid to be authentically seen and heard, feels like life and death?

~ being vulnerable is a weakness? Do you have to be perfect to survive?

I can help YOU! That's why I'm here, to make it easier for you than if you were on your own because I know what is needed for you to create successful transformations and results. And I help you STOP the stress response, so you can move forward with ease and grace creating more of everything you desire in your life, including money.

START TODAY, HAVING MORE IN YOUR LIFE and loving life. The World needs you to show up in all your brilliance, NOW! It is your purpose.

Call for a Complimentary Discovery Session Marilyn (805) 883-8598

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