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Who is Running Your Life? Technology Addiction or YOU

Answer these questions? Can I stay focused on my work or am I easily distracted by my phone and/or social media? Am I accomplishing what I want to do or be? Can I be without my...
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New Tool to Quickly Conquer Your Anxiety

I'm going to share a new tool that will help you conquer your anxiety. Anxiety seems to be running rampant right now and I want to help stop it from ruining your life or friends...
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A Scary Sexual Dream Healed A Childhood Trauma

I partially woke up from a terrifying sexual dream with my heart beating fast and fear pulsing through me. When I had the inspiration to go back into the dream and replay it from...
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A Self-Care MegaStar-Learn How To Meditate

A client asked me how she could stop her mind activity when she meditated. I remember asking this question myself when I started meditating. After multiple attempts at quieting...
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Learn to Communicate with Your Body Through Muscle Testing

When I first was introduced to muscle testing a long time ago, I didn't really get it. I think because no one ever explained it to me, so I could understand the significance of...
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